“Running water never grows stale…”

I Am At A Crossroads

I am at a crossroads, and it has been coming for a while.

And we can all get to the Cross Roads of life and age or gender has nothing to do with it.

There are times when we lose direction and even the strength of mind and body to decide as to what way to go at any junction or crossroad.

Last year during a meditation exercise with a hundred other people I was shown a bright glowing door at a crossroads but had to climb over things to get anywhere near it and even though I tried on the day, only saw the mounds of things in front of me.

I can now see and understand the things that I needed to get over and clear away, in different areas of my life. All of us at some time sense or feel this energy that holds us back. And it can be so easy to let it overwhelm your inner core and manifest itself as pain or anguish and other kinds of things that do hold us back.

I am feeling it’s the right way to go, though a very busy time and I am sure there are a few other obstacles before I reach the door. I can see and sense that the crossroad is ready, even for crazy me. Whatever happens, when I get there and the door opens I will be ready to step through,  it will be special and I know it is what I deserve.

There are many changes going on and the door is coming closer, I will get there. And I am sure I will have many companions that come in many forms to walk with me, as good advice and lots of love, hugs, laughter and smiles go a very long way.