Find your unique physical, mental, and spiritual balance through reiki.

Reiki is a pure energy flow that has been around for thousands of years. Every culture has a form of hands on healing, which can be read about in many books, including the Bible.

Reiki is a form of flow healing energy and can help to reduce or remove the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual stress that is prevalent in our modern world. It is a gentle and safe healing energy that helps to dissipate blocks in the mind and body. Reiki energy is a relaxed and comfortable feeling, felt as heat, or as a tingling or cooling sensation.

Reiki can help to achieve complete wellness by flowing to the physical, mental and emotional issues that may be holding you back from harmony within.

It can be described as acupuncture without the needles, the thought being that if you remove the energy blocks by changing the vibrations, you create a healthier flow, allowing the body to begin to heal itself and maintain greater health and wellbeing.

Reiki is now in all hospitals and hospices, and most alternative therapists are Reiki trained.

As well as Reiki healing, we also offer Reiki training, on a one to one basis or in small groups, under the Ouisji School of Reiki.

We also hold a monthly Reiki share evening, where trainees can get together with other Reiki practitioners to exchange meditation, thoughts and healing.


To learn more about the healing benefits of reiki, or to arrange a private consultation, contact Pauline Kelly today.

Pauline Kelly

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