Together in Spirituality Magazine

“Running water never grows stale…”


The new Magazine is out now for distribution

It contains Spiritual Words and Inspiration Thoughts, Meditations, Healing Articles, Poems and Spiritual Communication, Paranormal contributions, and so much more.

It is a quarterly subscription magazine that can be received Digitally or as a Book posted directly to you.

Four issues per year can be received as a digital download (£10) or as a booklet in the post (£16).

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The Magazine goes out four times a year and can be provided in a range of paper colours and font sizes, or as an audio file if needed. Email with your requirements.

Articles inside: Energy Cleansing, Meditation Techniques – Internal Investigation, Working with Power Animals, Can You Move A Mountain.


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  1. JP Suffolk

    I always look forward to receiving Pauline’s newsletters, they have an interesting mix of information & thought-provoking articles as well as insights into all kinds of things, from the spiritual & holistic to practical ways to improve your wellbeing. I used to produce my own newsletter so know how much work goes into it.
    Well done Pauline!

  2. HC Norfolk

    Pauline’s Newsletter: The latest cover is excellent and gives an indication of the articles inside. The wide range of topics ranges from meditation and prayers to spiritual advice for personal growth. Her uplifting articles were welcome during the difficult and uncertain last few years.
    The presentation of the Newsletter seems to be better when read page by page.

  3. AP Southern Ireland

    Enjoyed the magazine
    What I enjoyed were the words of Albert Einstein, Hands in prayer, practising happiness, the healing power of rain and every cell jumping for joy.

  4. MY London

    I’m almost at a loss for what to say. I have just read your words and my reaction to your magazine was extraordinarily powerful and personal, bringing up smells, presence, energy and power.
    Everywhere has energy fizzing I started to feel this when you wrote about psychic experiences and mentioned smells. Alongside your beautiful words to an angel about sharing love through relationships.

  5. JW Sheringham

    Thanks for the magazine. The pages flip, it’s fun! I enjoyed reading it, it’s great to read uplifting material, and contribute towards our manifesting all the good in this great game called life. I am still often too serious, so more joy and playfulness in our energy is uplifting.

  6. WM Norfolk

    I have been reading ‘Together in Spirituality’ for nearly a year now, and each publication gets better, with practical information and interesting facts. I love the layout of the latest digital version; it makes the reading experience much more enjoyable. Whether you have a particular interest in reiki, meditation, angels or crystal healing, there is something for everyone. I particularly liked the article about hands in prayer in this edition and how we hold our hands affects the energy.
    Thank you, Pauline, for a wonderful magazine

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