“Running water never grows stale…”

Energy Flow

There is so much spiritual energy flowing and taking me in different directions and certainly out of my normal life zone. And recently another totally different energy flow came to me.

I have never climbed mountains or big hills and got invited by 6 others to join a team in the Lake District to do just this. Not only sharing with 5 others that I did not know and 1 lady I did, with their help and encouragement to trying so many new things.

I got half way and a third of the way up two big hills, and now am going back soon to complete them and I will. Especially to walk around the Lake at Buttermere again and go to a little tea place just around the corner and near one of the waterfalls.

The views were breathtaking and as I live in a flat area of the country it was astonishing to look out over the mountains, valleys and waterfalls and have sheep wandering around you.

Walking/climbing up one of the mountains not sure the name, it was a lot of looking down to see where I was putting my feet as a very rugged pathway, so when I stopped for a breather (haha) and to take in the scenery it was so special. And then encouraged by Linda, Rachel and Meg to just go a bit further around the corner, it became a laugh when that phrase was said often ‘Just around the corner’ and they were right at each corner gave a new challenge to overcome and even more sights and views and further up the mountain.

One day I came down on my own and met some wonderful people of all ages and even older than me who had been doing it for years and still loved to do it. It is a place that grabs you and changes your mindset for the better, maybe it in the air and the earth energy all around you.

It has moved my thoughts and body synchronisation into a whole new and different vibration and I like the feeling.