“Running water never grows stale…”

You Are So Important

Short stories

I was about to throw away an old diary when I found a piece of paper taped on the front page. It is from a horoscope written in 2015, “You are so important”, and it must have inspired me then and how much it has now.
When I re-read it, I knew I wanted to share these words, as they also apply to so many people in every walk of life and not just to those under the star sign of Leo.

Have you any idea how important you are?
You are important. You do matter.
Many people’s lives would be different if you were not around.
You are a positive influence.
A mover, a shaker, a stirrer, and an awakener.
Though some complain about what you do and say,
they would sorely miss you if you went away.
Yet you are now experiencing an uncharacteristic spate of shyness.
It’s not appropriate, and it ill becomes you.
Don’t shrink. Don’t retreat.
Be sure of yourself this Solstice week.
The Solstice brings potential to powerful positive changes.

These are such powerful words, and I place them with the very discoloured piece of paper I retrieved from the old diary and place it on my noticeboard.
Remember how important you are every day with love and joy in your heart.

I copied the words exactly as they were written 9 years ago