“Running water never grows stale…”

Inspirational Thoughts and Expressed Feelings

These are Inspirational Thoughts and Expressed Feeling from the latest Newsletter

Every thought you think and every feeling you experience

is part of the divine plan of the Universe.

Your existence is essential and needed by all of Humanity.

You play a very important role in waking up the planet by being just who you are.

Relax into your sacred essence and realise you are free.

“To Be Who You Are”


All negative thoughts and feelings are simply love under pressure.

Every action you take and every word you speak is an expression of love.

Anger, sadness, greed and guilt are forms of energy

 that had become contorted by the mind and circumstances.

When we meditate or spend time sending out our thoughts, and then we listen,

we can then send calm to the inner core of all hearts, that beat within.

Pure Love and Light will Shine.

To share your thoughts on any subject can often answer a question,

that has been an unspoken thought in others minds.


Health is the greatest gift.

Happiness is the greatest wealth.

Enlightenment is the greatest bliss


You need to know that you are the cause of many joyous moments in other people’s lives.

Your love inspires their light to shine brighter which contagiously causes this whole planet to sparkle!

Share yourself with the Universal energy

Spread your words and thoughts

With and To Others.

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