“Running water never grows stale…”

How to Let in The Greatest Love

A beautiful Poem I wanted to share with you, and the title says it all  ‘ How to Let in The Greatest Love’ and it was sent to me by a Jafree Ozwald

Just for today, let down your guard, shields, and armour with the world.

Give yourself permission to be soft, to be vulnerable

so that you may feel loved, lovable and worthy

of more love than would normally feel comfortable.

Practice softening every hardened aspect within yourself.

Give the gift of lightness to yourself today.

Listen to the sounds of nature that are outside today.

Let the silence of the sky penetrate your being.

Let go and feel everything that is around you.

Relax into the stillness beneath this busy scattered mind

and rest deeper into this sacred quieting experience.

Love will find you by becoming more relaxed and at ease about everything

Imagine the sun is above your head right now.

Feel this golden shower of healing sunlight entering the top of your head,

flowing down into your brain and quieting all the chatter inside.

Then, allow the light to move deeper into you, into your heart and soul.

 Allow your heart to expand and an all-encompassing love to fill your whole being.

Let the most gentle soothing warm sensations flow throughout into your body.

For the rest of your day, bring your attention to this great love inside you

that is as warm, healing, and nourishing as the golden Sun above.

 Keep allowing the sunshine to come in and melt any shields around your heart.

Let all walls within you fall and dissolve away.

Be free to experience the joy that is possible in this moment of your life.

The greatest feeling of love and freedom can be easily found within you all day long.

When you take some time to slow your life down and soften truly, it will happen.

Trust this softening process and know that it will lead you

into the greatest life that you were born to live!

Simply choose to relax and rest deeply into this light, soft, expansive sunshine feeling.

Any cold hard rigid memory inside you from your past does not stand a chance.

This loving energy will melt it down, and spread like wildfire through all your relationships.

This light of love will free you from ANY difficulty you’ve been creating.

If your life has been extra challenging recently,

 notice where you still are holding onto protective armour around your heart.

What exactly are you protecting? What is your defence strategy all about?

Investigate, be curious and experience what you are holding onto.

Explore why you need to defend an infinite soul who will never die.

When you are self-realised you will stop worrying about protecting.

You will know that this Universe is deeply intelligent and it is always taking care of you.

You will relax, trust in each moment, each conversation and

reveal your life purpose which is to learn how to let in love 24 hours a day.

Are you ready for this amazing life !!

It is ready for you. Practice softening yourself, and letting in this sunlight feeling.

Just do it for the next 15 minutes and you’ll soon

understand everything you need to know about love.