“Running water never grows stale…”

The Post Box


I remembered a dream about a Post Box: I was living in an older house in a big city, and my husband was away (not sure where).

In the garden stood a very tall old-fashioned Post Box about 7ft tall, and it looked as if it was full of concrete. At night, I could see animals appearing to come out of the Post Box, some animals we know from our planet earth others were mythological like dragons and unicorns, and centaurs.

Having these animals in the garden did not bother me and loved watching all the different animals walking around each other with such ease.

During one day the Post Box started to vibrate and shake like it was ready to explode. I ran out of the house and wandered around looking for a policewoman (did not use a phone or mobile).

I found a policewoman and asked her to follow me giving her an explanation as we walked. I also told her I was worried the Post Box would explode, though did not tell her about the animals.

When we got back to the house in the place where the Post Box had stood was a statue about 3ft high, it looked like metal and on it were carved of the animals I had seen.

We were both surprised as surrounding the metal carved statues were lumps and bits of concrete type rubble, not as much as I thought there should have been. The policewoman left after seeing that there was nothing for her to do. I gazed at the statue in wonder.

I needed to clear up the bits of rubble so went into the outbuilding to the left, and it was filled with all the animals, moving around as if they could not see or sense me at all, though I could see them.

I felt very comfortable being part of this energy, and their images stayed with me all day. And I do hope they come back so that we can walk together. I will let you know when I talk to the animals again.