Wake Up and Believe

“Running water never grows stale…”

Wake and believe each day you are all-powerful
and deeply connected to the
greatest loving healing Source in the Universe.
Watch out for those thoughts which can make you believe,
that we can have a limited normal human mindset.
Be hyper-aware of the part of your brain that may
think you are anything less than absolutely Divine.
All of these thoughts cannot contain the
grand reality of what and who you truly are.
They are temporary, time-bound thoughts
which are delusions and illusions of the mind.
The truth is that you are an eternal spiritual being,
capable of manifesting anything that you can imagine.
Let this massive limiting lie completely dissolve away,
today and believe the truth that you are far beyond
whatever you believed you were with a limiting mind.
Wake up and Believe each day and realise.
Who and What You Truly Are, Unique.