We Will Remember

“Running water never grows stale…”

We will remember this for a very long time

Just as we remember November 11th those that have fallen with Poppies and our thoughts.

A thought – if all those Poppy’s whether plastic, silk, paper, knitted or whatever were real

And if these Poppies went to form big Poppy heads full of seeds, millions of seeds.

When ready these Poppy heads burst open, and the millions, billions and trillions of seeds flowed over the planet.

Remember one seed can fill a field with poppies in time, it contains all it needs in one seed.

And each person received one seed, as small as a dot on this page.

Each filled with Love and Healing, Hope and Peace, Truth and Wisdom

And the DNA if we wish to accept it, to start over, maybe in a better way.

All our ancestors we associate with the Poppy and the wars, we still remember.

Are all sending their thoughts and hugs to us all, to remind us,

We can do it, working together as one

We are not individuals we are all family, and together in time,

We can do it.