“Running water never grows stale…”

30 Seconds for A Moment for Me

I have decided to give myself “A Moment for Me” its 30-second as many times a day as you want, but to make that moment last for at least 30 seconds.

30 seconds to sing (doesn’t have to be even in tune) I like to chant and that can last as long or a short as I want it to.

A 30 second hug that I do like, especially from someone special.  A hug can be and is so important in a thousand and one ways, it can be a friendly, emotional and loving hug. A hug can set you up in joy and happiness, laughter and tears but when the arms are around you it’s “A Moment for Me”. And I have just thought of hugs I got from my children when they were small, and it brought laughter and memory hugs that made me feel so good. Hugs can last more than 30 seconds when it is in your memory bank, and I have so many it brings tears of joy to me now.

30 seconds to Dance, and dancing doesn’t always mean up and on the floor, when I am in the car and listening to good music, I like to move physically (not too much) but I can dance wildly in my mind if I wasn’t driving. And there are all kinds of dancing that are good for the spirit, mind and body, even Dad’s dancing makes us smile and they enjoy it.

30 second to ground yourself and that can be walking in your own garden or local park, woods or the beach and even to hug a tree. I visualise myself on the beach at Wells next to Sea right through the Pine Forest and then onto the beach and just paddle in the water, bliss and so grounding.

30 second to Appreciate yourself, this can be an odd thing but looking into it deeper, today I was looking at some new things on the internet to buy (which I did) and I appreciated my friend Claire’s input in my choices. I appreciate the life I have chosen for myself and the true wisdom and knowledge, courage and strength it has taken me to follow this route. And I appreciate the many people I have met along the way some for a short time and others are deeply and lovingly in my life.

Write down the” Moments for Me” that you can do for 30 or more seconds, and I bet you end up smiling. And even that is 30 seconds of facial exercise which very good for you and makes you tingle inside and you didn’t even have to try and think about that. Give it a go, let me know your 30-second “Moments for Me” and I will write about them in the newsletter or a booklet of Moments for others to learn about.