“Running water never grows stale…”

A Valentines Day For Love


Valentine Day is here, and so much Love is flowing around; it is incredibly special. It costs nothing to say “I Love You” a hug is a bonus, and a kiss is going cosmic and free from my heart to yours

This piece I wrote last year and was reminded of it today.

With Valentines Day so close, I thought of the many poems and words written about the four-letter word ” Love ” such a massive word for so few letters. Think about all the novels and stories, songs, films and blogs written about these four letters.

They can bring together a nation, a government, a family and even two people who can create all these things. Bringing us together with the idea and feelings of Love, the respect, gratitude and honouring who we all are is still a part of that word LOVE.

And as they say, Love makes the world go round; it is part of everyone that can and does vibrate through to another, that can start a ripple that covers this world.

We are said to be 75% or more water; with the word Love on the end of our finger, we place it in water and create a new ripple for the world, place it over your heart and create an internal ripple that is an amazing gift to yourself – Self Love

Love is a vibration for all of us in its many forms without any stops along the way.

Love You All