“Running water never grows stale…”

Using the Mind


If our thoughts are magnetic and constructive, the heart needs to be open to the flow of love. Using the mind and visualisations, the thinker should at some stage lift the consciousness of the soul, then the consciousness or Buddha nature within each one of us reflects the light, linking in thought with spiritual guides on the inner side of life.

It helps to build a bridge, or channel, through the human mind to love and light and the will to be good, which can energise human consciousness. The energy or etheric body is part of the entire universe; the cosmos, the solar system, people, and different kingdoms of nature possess an energy body.

Often the naked eye does not always see these energy fields. Wisdom teachings down the ages affirm that we live in an ocean of energies, and we can be a finely tuned system of interactive waves. In the East and the West, this energy field is called the etheric body and has a network of chakras and subtle pathways.

The quality and focus of our thoughts can condition the energy flowing into and through our etheric bodies. The vibrations we put into the world radiate practical qualities, which applies when working in groups for meditation or healing. And it works just as well as a point of focus for the individual.

Our energy body is an integral part of this planet,

Which is part of the energy of the solar system.

Where Thought Goes Energy Will Flow