“Running water never grows stale…”

Adventure of Living


Excellence in life seems to me to be the way
in which each human being makes the most
of the adventure of living
and becomes most truly and deeply himself,
fulfilling his own nature in the context
of a good life with other people.
by Eda J LeShan
I love poems and saying that strike a feeling in me and the phrase “each human being makes the most of the adventure of living”. We all hope that humans do take each moment and their actions and thoughts as an adventure. As I have said before, Thought – Action – Success and each part of these three actions can be taken as many steps forward and sometimes back, and even times when we put it to one side and look to come back to it later.

And there are times when the adventures and fire within us do need to put aside for many reasons and they become a dream that may not ever surface again. Or they are on the simmer ready when more information comes along, and the right time and right moment. It is an Adventure in Living as each of our lives are different and they take many pathways for a variety of reason and with many other people.

Who we meet on the pathway can inspire us and even help us onto another path that maybe we did not know existed and it changes the original thought like a Catherine wheel firework, you do not know how fast or what kind of colours there will be and yet you know there is going to be a spectacular creation of coloured sparkles.

Each day is an Adventure of Living go for it, be those colourful sparkles of energy when you have lit the fire of adventure within.