“Running water never grows stale…”

The Tree of Life


During meditations with two friends last week I had many wonderful experiences, and in one part I found I was more in contact with trees. I am very inspired by trees and have them as jewellery, crystal and hanging trees in my healing room, decorations of all kinds and even as a screen saver.

I even contemplated at one time to have a Tree of Life as a Tattoo but baled out. So when I found myself with a tree in the meditation, I was quite happy, it showed me all around the trunk and growth, the leaves and its canopy.

The tree reminded me that the symbol of the Tree of Life goes back to ancient time and is the core belief in many religions, significant films and documentaries and mythological stories, it is said there is a tree in the centre of the world with its root spreading out that anchors us to the earth core. And to be the birthplace of our ancestors and it unites humanity as one. That is so amazing to think that the trees we pass in our daily lives have been around for so long and have had a massive influence in every area of this planet.

It is known that from one seed or acorn a forest will grow in time. And time is all it takes when trees are cut down, and the replaced another forest will grow. Each tree is joined underground to all the other trees around it, and there knowledge and wisdom is shared, even there determination to grow in the most unlikely places is passed through their roots to all growth that is around.

Just one seed has all the knowledge to start again, their DNA is no different to ours in some ways, and a slight difference is stored into the tree cells and passed to other trees via the roots so that we have many varieties of trees in shapes and size, colours and shapes of leaves. Isn’t that like us as humans, or the animal kingdom, plants, flowers and fauna just different shapes, sizes, colours and how we look at the world around us, passing our knowledge to the next generation.

And when we see a tree that has fallen over or been hit by lightning, lost its inside core it is still alive passing what happened and knowledge down into the roots and earth so that others around can share the vibrations that flow from as above so below.

I have used a meditation where you become one seed from a tree and are blown into the wind and what you see, where you travel, and land is just like our lives, blown by vibrations to experience all areas of life.