“Running water never grows stale…”

All Now Completed


The New Website is all now completed, and we have combined Moving Your Thoughts and KelFox House Publishing all under one banner.

The New Website is clean and crisp and easier to negotiate, do have a look and let me know what you think of it.

We are selling books and small Novella’s – found about this new word not long ago, and it means a work of narrative prose fiction, longer than a short story but shorter than a novel. Isn’t it a great word to describe a booklet.

We will be putting new Spiritual books, Self Help and All kinds of Informational Books onto the new website. There is Dave’s book The Pathway Back and Power Animal information booklets, at the moment.

And we are gathering together all kinds of new ways of looking at Alternative and Therapeutic Medicine, Meditation, Reiki, Spiritual Experiences, Spirituality and Inspirational writing, Self Help and Well Being and so much more within the Genre that is pure energy flow.

We can all have a different outlook on what kind of medical and medication that is best for each individual. And this can cover creams and shampoo, and all kinds of washing soap etc., they are absorbed and can affect the mind and body.

Alongside my Hypnotherapy, Counselling and Reiki work I shall endeavour to pass on in eBook and Book format as much therapeutic information, on The New Website.

If you would like to write about your spiritual experiences and send them to me, I will eventually be writing a book incorporating these many different stories from many different people. You can sign it with initials and be anonymous, or your first name or the full name. See yourself and experience in print!!

It may take a little time to get it all together, though as you all know one step at a time and we will get there. or