“Running water never grows stale…”

Reiki Energy and Musical Vibrations


I recently read an article on Reiki Energy and Music vibrations that assist in lots of medical procedures. This is something that we see or hear that a particular surgeon likes special music played when they work. And Reiki energy vibrations are used in pre and post operative stages and in many hospitals and clinics all over the world.During a mediation I was shown a piano key board and the black and white keys glowed, and then I remembered the article and as we know that each key whether black or white has its own vibration and tonality it then made sense to me.
Each pianist plays their music in a different way so the same key vibrations will sound different each time. And even more so when the pedals are used to increase or decrease that vibration along with the pressure on the keys. This is the same with all musical instrument’s and when played together as a melody or song that vibration can be amazing.
I have listen to music in the dentists surgery and when having a massage and often Reiki type music is played during a healing session, it is all around us. So during surgery even though we are unconscious we can still hear certain vibration and that can be musical vibrations.
We have heard of people coming out of a coma because a certain piece of music stimulated a spot at that moment in time. And it is very well known that Music and vibrational energy is used in all kinds of Therapy and relaxation situations.
Reiki is a vibrational energy that is calming and healing and then combining this with music with its many tones and powerful vibrations it is a beautiful sensation. You only have to look at what Masaru Emoto did and showed us by playing music and vibration to water, and we are made up of a lot of water.