“Running water never grows stale…”

Be in The New Moment

Healing Heart
Being in the now moment has so much potential to bring in self-belief, faith, truth and the innermost love for yourself.
The past we cannot change, though it does contain the many memories that we hold onto, good and bad.
We can learn to release what we do not need,and praise the knowledge we have gained. As this now moment is the only place you can truly feel vibrant, alive and free!
Simply surrender to being here now, and open the gifts each present moment offers.
All good things come from embracing the now.
Let go and let the Universe guide you.
Only through surrender can you embrace your Divinity.
Simply be open and have faith in the Universe.
You already have all the courage you need.
Existence fills you the moment you surrender.
 To Belief in yourself, To have Faith, To live your Truth,
To open your Heart to all that is Now.