“Running water never grows stale…”

Divine Abundance is your Natural State

Clouds of Consciousness

Divine abundance is a vibration that flows through us when we are in a natural state.

Every cell of your body is pulsating and vibrating with super alive conscious
energy with inner love and light right now.
What a wonderful feeling when all your atoms are singing and dancing together.
There is a great party inside of you, celebrating the miraculous life that
it’s been given to live.
And, once you perceive yourself with eyes overflowing with gratitude
and wonder, all you will see is one massive display of
creativity, energy, and abundance in every direction you look!
You are truly surrounded by abundance in every direction.
There’s no place you can go where the abundance of the Universe

Isn’t ready to flow to you with pure love, glowing light, and joy?

You are more brilliant than the brightest star in the Universe
even within the deepest galaxy.
Life is much more fun when you let yourself shine.

Sing from your heart there is a song inside of you, set you free!

And sing it with love and joy, let this divine music play through you
and allow your heart to open wide to the cosmos!