“Running water never grows stale…”

Can You Make A Difference

Smiling Blob

Can You Make A Difference?

During this unusual and disturbing time, we can ask ourselves, “Can we make a difference.”

And of course, we can, smiling even behind a mask, kind and polite words, showing you care in many small and sometimes in significant ways. We are all in this together, yet there are many variations in how we and others are copying.

It is not like we had much time to make a template, and everyone slips into a section with ease. As individuals, we have had to adjust to the level that feels right at that moment in time. Though has it made a difference? No, it hasn’t because there are no available and convenient formats for each of us.

Not being able to go out for lots of different reason have then created a mindset of fear and anxiety. I recently talked to a young lady; who has gone out so little in the last year, just looking out of her window every day, and now she wonders about walking outside on the pathway. Could she do it, there is a fear of what was a regular walk does not exist anymore in her mind and I am sure many others.

Adjusting, Being Positive, Live Each Day, Wear Your Mask are dropped into our mindset to help, though also lots of negative words that they say on the TV and in the Media that counteract the positive. Many cannot see or feel that each day is unique, and anything can happen through all the listening and seeing.

We Can Make A Difference, a chat, keeping in touch, a smile even behind a mask, a thank you, being polite, all cost nothing and yet can help someone through the day, that someone is thinking of them, supporting them for a moment or a little longer. And we can store up all the hugs and kisses in ourselves, ready to explode when we have the opening to express those loving huggy feelings and go-ahead.