“Running water never grows stale…”

Belief – Identity – Interpretation

When we are born, we have come into that situation because of two points of an action from two people creating us. Maybe an odd way of describing it, because we are all born through different activities and not always what we imagine. It is a belief our identity and interpretations of why is destiny.

There is still no substitute for a human egg and sperm to fertilise it, though coming together to grow into another person is a whole new concept now, or so it seems. In that whole package are three major continuous building blocks, that as a baby and then as children, we know nothing about and just accept that is how it is.

The first building block comes from Ancestry the DNA from not only our parents but from their parents and going backwards in our lineage, we have often heard of things skipping a generation, and this happens so often. We inherit characteristics from both parents and their parents, hair, skin and eye colour, height and weight, and so many other traits, though we also know there are sometimes not everything goes right in the DNA formatting.

The second is the childhood we have around us as examples, sometimes the stories of our ancestors or from family members around at the time. The words we learn and hear and believe from what is said and even how they are said. And as children, we do not have the mental capacity to understand what is true or false or what is an interpretation of the facts. And this can make an impact on a person when they become adults.

And the third is the environment we live in, where and who is taking care of us, the front-line support system, teacher, and carer. When you are children, you do not worry about these things and live your life as it is at that moment in time. We also absorb everything in the food we eat or breathing in the air, and that can affect us now and in the future.

No one has a perfectly normal life we learn from our hiccups and mishaps, pick ourselves up when we fall over. Learn what is around the corner, and when to take that leap of faith, this can all be down to the initial learning we had or the choice we make as we get older.

We do not have the knowledge when we are children of what kind of people we are going to be as adults. And that is when on that route to adulthood, we can have choices made for us or turn our corner and make our own choices, and learn a different course on the way.