“Running water never grows stale…”

Challenges Faced Each Day

Last week I wrote about the challenges that are faced each day for so many of us in so many ways. And for some to even get up in the morning can be a challenge, taking away their strength in mind and body.

We can assume that a confident person will flow through their challenges with ease and certainty, that they know how to deal with problems and challenges. Though I have found lately that for some dealing with a challenge with a smile and even forcefulness it is just a cover, and that they really fear failure or being shown as weak more.

We are shown and taught by many people during our life growth the ways to handle situations or mishaps, to put on a brave face and get on with it and to back up and wait for assistance or let someone else take over.

If you do not change direction you may end up at the same place but without the added skills gained from going a different route and things learning from the experience. there is no wrong way.

When I did line dancing for a while, I am a good dancer but could not take it seriously so when the dance finished, and I was often facing the wrong way or in the wrong position, I would say it was my interpretation of the dance routine and laugh.

There are many that do not have this confidence and find different situations or instructions draining and then choose to try and not be noticed or fade into the background. Filling out the many forms that are part of everyday life and can be mind-boggling and then there is a need to find someone who can help you to do this, they may have been in the same position once and are willing to help someone else.

They have gained that piece of confidence within themselves to pass on and help when you have confidence you can deal with challenges that are there in front of you and each success no matter how big or small is brilliant whether using your own initiative or learning alongside others.