“Running water never grows stale…”

Christmas Memories

Do you mark the milestones through your life as a pathway of memories and keepsakes? And like many of us, I am sure we all have in one way or another. I have a box of little things like hospital birth bracelets from the children and even their teeth, photos and little things. We all have lots of these memories in our thoughts and boxes.

I have a sewing box that my Dad made me for my 21st Birthday,  and it is full to the brim with so many memories, old buttons and dress and knitting patterns. Which again brings memories of my grandmothers and Mum’s box. Do you have one?

At Christmas, my tree is full of baubles and glittery angels, the animals and Christmas decorations that the children made at school all go on each year. Some of my decorations go back to the early ’70s, and they are precious to me, each one a memory link. And new ones are added, like the Tree of Life glazed disc I got for each member of my extended lost family I found two years ago. Even my Christmas earrings make me smile as they were two pairs and my sister and I took one of each set, so they are odd, but they join us together.

Do you have memory links inside a box or in your mind, each Christmas we are older, wiser, more streetwise, hopefully, and of course we see many things so differently then we did even last year.

Everything is continually changing on the pathway that is our life, counting your friends and family even those that have passed are deep thoughts. The old friends are still a surprise as some have been around for a very long time and others brand new can be such a blessing for the next part of your journey across the following days and years yet to come.

When you feel you’re growing older, don’t tot up the years. Look back and be thankful as each milestone disappears. Count the happy memories, prizes and the rewards, and you’ll feel one year younger every time a birthday or special event comes along