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Native American Power Animal Books

I have completed all 12 Power Animal Books for the website and with hand painted animals on the covers, and inside, they are a unique and unusual gift, for Christmas, Birthdays, and any occasion. As I love Bookmarkers I have had the Power Animals also placed on Bookmarkers, so thought what a good idea to have the same design to match. The booklets are about yourself, and the Power Animals that are your Influential and Polarity Totem, life challenges and affinity colours, crystal, and plant, there is so much information.

If you would like to know what Power Animal is within your birthdate and the Clan you come under, please contact me, and I will email you a sample of the cover in advance, for you to see, and also a sample bookmarker.

Sample – The Otter is from 21st January to 18th February and from The Butterfly Clan and Air Sign

The Booklets are £3.60 inc P&P – with a Bookmarker to Match £4.80 for both inc P&P

The Bookmarkers sold separately are £1.60 inc P&P

For a digital download of the Power Animal booklet on A4 sheets £1.99

They can be ordered directly through me or via the webpage and pay by card or PayPal

I wish you all a Very Merry Christmas and Very Special New Year