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The Emotions Felt on Remembrance Day

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The Emotions Felt on Remembrance Day

As I watched the Veterans walking past the Cenotaph on Sunday, I got quite emotional as it always has done for me. Though born after the war I grew up listening to stories, and now as a Therapist assisting those with PTSD and their family’s it is so moving to watch these men and women. They are so upright and focused like their training is still embedded in their minds to walk straight and tall with honour and respect.

Though what are their minds thinking as they march wearing their poppy’s, medals and sometimes even their regimental berets and hats. As an old soldier said, “We joined up together, trained together and on the first day out in battle my best friend died beside me, I think about him and walk in his and others memory”.

How many other serving and veterans in all the services have these thoughts that have been locked away? And in some cases, destroy or debilitate a wonderful person that was only doing what they needed to do.

I have had many generations of my family who in the past served in the Navy, Army and Air Force, and even now nephews actively serving in the forces.

And those that in the past served in the Emergency Services are also represented on that special day. And just as they did then our Emergency Services now also need assistance with the sights, sounds and trauma of the many incidents they are sent to and deal with.

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