“Running water never grows stale…”

Energy Vibrations in Music


I read many different articles on energy vibrations and know that when combined with a music vibration, it can assist in many medical procedures, surgery, and childbirth, and in so many other areas, where calm and harmony are the right energy.

We see or hear that a particular surgeon likes special music played when they work, which calms and helps them focus on their work better. The energy vibrations are used in pre and post-operative stages and many hospitals and clinics worldwide.

We have heard of people coming out of a coma because a particular piece of music stimulated a spot at that moment in time. And it is very well known that music and vibrational energy are used in all kinds of Therapy and relaxation situations.

I have listened to music in the dentist’s surgery, and when having a massage and often Reiki type music is played during a healing session, it is all around us. So during surgery, even though we are unconscious, we can still hear specific vibrations that can be musical vibrations or even those around us talking at the time.

During one of my quiet times, I was shown a piano keyboard, and the black and white keys glowed, and then I remembered the article and as we know that each key, whether black or white has its vibration and tonality, it then made sense to me.

Each pianist plays their music using the duplicate keys, though the vibrations will sound different as it aligns with the individual’s pressure and hand movements. And more so when the pedals increase or decrease that vibration with the pressure on the keys.

It is the same with all musical instruments, and when played together as a musical score or song, we know the vibration can be incredible. When that tune is played with a slight change of tempo or instrument, the results can be just as astounding.

Reiki is a vibrational energy that is calming and healing, and then combining this with music with its many tones and powerful vibrations, it is a beautiful sensation. You only have to look at what Masaru Emoto showed us by playing music and vibrating to water, then freezing it; the ice pictures were the music’s vibrational patterns.

We have a vast percentage of water within us all.

The vibrations from other kinds of sounds can go deep within us; sounds from whales or dolphins are often used in childbirth and different situations that need the correct pitch.

Meditation music can be sounds of the wind or waves on a shore, a soft voice, and even the frequency of 432 Hz Hertz music for healing and, as said, fine-tuning our DNA. The tone and vibration of music can help us relax into a deep state.

When I did my first ½ marathon, I remember they played the music to Chariots of Fire, and you could feel the energy boost for all the runners from the music’s vibrations.

Music played at a wedding is an iconic vibration for the start and finish of the ceremony and later for the first dance. It empowers those around to the right energy vibration on the day.

Can you recall a piece of music that can change your thoughts and energy when played? To make you cry, laugh, and even jump for joy. Many famous pieces of music still inspire and re-energise us all inside and outside, mind and body.

Pauline Fox-Kelly