“Running water never grows stale…”

Your Life Can Be A Manifesting Experience


The Universe can create a manifesting experience

A desire that is flowing from your heart

It will, one day, be bright and clear.

It will manifest at a time in the future.

The future can be in your lifetime or the next.

The desire or wish is in the universal energy

Until it is the right time for your highest good.

So own your power and use the gift

Of manifestation and imagination wisely.

You are magical with the power to attract

Every desire & dream you can conceive.

The Universe designed your thoughts perfectly

You are naturally magical and all-powerful.

You have this ability that lives deep within you,

So you can allow the energy to flow.

Maybe the reason you haven’t manifested

Your desires and thoughts are because you stopped

Imagining it was going to happen.

It is time to go back to creatively visualising

Bringing your hope and dreams into clarity.

Letting the universal energy know

how the Magic has never left you.

When you choose to accept this energy

That you will always have this divine gift

Your life will become so astounding!

And even if you don’t want to believe it,

then guess what? It’s still true!!