“Running water never grows stale…”

Excitement and Tingles Inside

There are many things over the years that have excited me and made me tingle inside. Will only give you a few examples so that I do not shock too many of you. And, we have all had those special excited and tingling moments, think back and get that feeling within for as long as you can, relive the special moment.

I was so excited when I saw my new company KelFox House Publishing for the first time on the website all set up and open for business. Seeing authors placing their downloadable digital book and also paperback books ready to be sent off to prospective buyers and readers.

We have quite a selection of different Authors and books are selling through this website. Do have a look, tell me what you think and we have just added a new author with a very interesting book that will be online very shortly.

Each day I receive new requests for information which is so exciting and sends those wonderful tingles through me, that I am helping others thoughts and words seen by others.

We buy books because we are interested in the words and thought written by others, we can all be authors thought not all of us put the words down in this format. I have always been an avid reader and have many books covering many genres. Moreover, love to find a new author and be engrossed in their thoughts and words, the way they fold the story around the characters and lead you down many pathways before bringing you back to the ending.

Have you a story that you would like to put down on paper, it can be a small book, we have a lovely lady who has written two chapters of a book and will complete when we can. That is fine, an experience in the past that has given you that tingling feeling with excitement or from a spiritual contact. We cover such a wide area, and recently a local lady is in the process of putting her book on the website about slavery in the past and from a different angle. The cover is being designed at the moment and another exciting time to see a thought come together in print and design.