“Running water never grows stale…”

Symbols We Use for Reiki and Other Healing Energies

In many healing modalities, we use Symbols whether as a drawing or as part of a chant. The symbols have been written and talked about for a very long time often about how it’s drawn, the power they invoke and even how to use them and what Reiki Symbols to use, there is the thought what else can we say about them.

They are available to see and read about in books and on the internet, and often some are even copied and distorted to look new or from another Reiki system. I have seen new Reiki Systems invented or devised that have a multi mixture from other established Reiki formats.

What is it that makes one interpretation more beneficial than another is it how it’s drawn, chanted, or from the attunement that we are initiated into when we take the levels or named Reiki format.

When I took my attunement, I learned that the symbols were like keys and it needs the keys to turn and be empowered for them to embody the person receiving the keys with the right and spiritual healing energy. Like any key in a lock, it means nothing till at the right time it is used to unlock what is within, and also activate from a person that has been trained correctly and spiritually themselves.

Within a powerful lineage of all HealingTeachers, they have all have passed on the knowledge of the healing energy whether in symbols in their format within healing.

With many Healing energies in the public domain, and each has it healing energy of the good of us all for our highest good and well being

In a kind of way, for those of us who are healers in the many formats, it is like choosing to learn a behaviour of immense, powerful energy for the good of all.

And, the Earth like us all can benefit from receiving and giving healing.