“Running water never grows stale…”

Flipping Time

Each day shows us that time can change so quickly. The days fly’s past or goes so slow.

Wrong place wrong time and the time in your life can be flipped on it head.

I have encountered so many time flips when I have planned to go one way and its if my body and thoughts decided “No” I want to go another way. And I have seen something or met someone that made a great difference now and in time and it would not have happened had I followed the original route.

A good example to that was when I was 50 and wanted to find a course to challenge me, to make my mind expand. And on each Friday the free press would arrive, and I very rarely read it usually putting it straight into the recycling bin. This week it was upside down and as I threw it in the bin I saw an advert on the back for a course that flashed at me.

I read it and saw the completion date for the application was the next day, so contacted the company and they agreed to see me on Sunday after it has started. He said come along if you like it sign up if not you have spent a great day with nice people.

I loved the course and joined up, I then went on to do Hypnotherapy, Counselling and Psychotherapy and many other courses and never stopped even now. And on that route met many wonderful and interesting people in the time I was in training and as a Therapist.

The same happened on a Spiritual course, spending time with people of similar energy I met a Reiki Master who put me on the route to look for training and to become a Reiki Master myself. The wonderful lady who I trained with has stayed very much in my life and time spent together is precious. And nearly 200 students who I have passed this energy onto in their time and space.

Our lives are interwoven with time in every way, every second can be part of a massive start or change in our lives. The dates in the calendar are a moment in time attached to someone or to a special event in time.