“Running water never grows stale…”

Tree of Life

Hi, the stars are out for me now, as each star glows brighter in my thoughts, I know I am another step further forward in what I want to do. Like the Tree of life, I am growing and emerging each day.

I feel like a tree that has been growing so slowly, gathering knowledge and energy from all around itself. Anchoring the roots in all the healing energies I have learned over many years and being fertilised by the people I have met and joined with on the healing trail.

The thousands of people that have done the pilgrims walk at St Michaels Mount in Cornwall, the original monks and priests that have walked over the causeway and the stone steps (that now have indents and curves) these have gained energy and prayers from so long ago that the place has a spiritual and beautiful feeling.

There so many places like this all over this country and this planet where healing and astonishing energy has been freely given and left behind for us to walk through. I feel that their energy and love go into the ground and flows to other places that maybe at that time need it a bit more.

The Tree of Life has a very long history, covering many cultures and years, it is connected to Mother Earth and its branches and leaves nourished look to the sky, accepting Father Sun as an energy that can be absorbed and transformed for the benefit of all.

My new website KelFox House Publishing started as a thought and like some seeds, it has taken a while to mature and is now able to give out to others. I would like to help individual writers to show their inspirational words and thoughts to others. See a book or booklet with their name on it, it’s another step and achievement that like a star in the sky can sparkle and twinkle even brighter.

As the saying goes we all have a book inside of us, I have been told by a friend who has been writing for years and us her friends are represented by an animal in the writing, she has said she would love to see it in print and give it to those friends she has known and loved.

Join in the glow of energy and power within us, like a star we need to sparkle.