“Running water never grows stale…”

Having a Passion


It is hard sometimes to see something that is a passion to you, to flow over others that you thought would see the vibrations also. When this happens, it helps to take a step back and look at it from another angle.

We as human being are privileged to be able to indulge our passions that bring a joy to us as individuals. It could be dancing, gardening, reading, writing, hill walking, the list is endless, and I am sure it is endless, it can be a passion like a dream that is never fully comes into being.

Sometimes a passion can consume so much time to bring it to the forefront and see it from every place in your mind and body. And then hope that others can join you in appreciating it, whatever it may be.

One of my many passions was to write, not a novel (maybe in the future) but smaller books with Spiritual Words and Inspirational thoughts, articles that may help and stories that make you smile. Thoughts that can inspire you to want to know more, to think, and encourage you to do so.

I am an avid reader on a very wide range of subjects, and have bought books thick and thin, magazines and little booklets to carry in my handbag.  And about 18 years ago I started to write a Newsletter and wrote on many subjects, especially healing and experiences using many other forms of energy and vibrations. And I gave it away free to about 250 people usually every three months.

Then I stopped for about a year after a death in the family, and then restarted and offered it as a digital newsletter and asked if it was still wanted in the booklet format a contribution would be great as it does cost in paper and ink.

I still have a passion to do it, but my passion seems to getting a bit damp now and maybe it is time to stop the newsletter and turn my writing to other formats to go on to the website to sell and maybe my novel.