“Running water never grows stale…”

Open the lotus in your heart


Imagine that your heart is a lotus flower
opening its petals to the sun.
Receive these warm rays of
loving light in your heart.
Melt into the existence
Trust that the petals of life
are always unfolding perfectly.
Your greatest possible being
blossoms naturally from the inside.

Life is always unfolding perfectly

I noticed this poem earlier today and I love the thought and visual picture that comes into my mind set of a Lotus Flower opening. It could be any flower that is opening, think of a single Rose Bud, petal by petal opening into a full bloom, or a Bluebell or Daisy.

Each flower has the DNA and Genetic knowledge to know exactly what to do, and as you may know that a single Poppy seed no bigger than a full stop . can in time cover a full field of Poppies from one single seed.

And if every acorn on one Oak Tree became another Oak Tree in time we can have a forest and this is the same with most trees and plants all over this planet. It is Man that restricts the growth and our future, our life and growth is restricted by human beings. Can you start the changes within that will grow and unfurl like –

A Lotus Flower in Your Heart