“Running water never grows stale…”

Infinity Symbol

Recently I have been drawn again to use the Infinity Symbol much more.

And late last year in a meditation I saw different variations of what I wanted to go with the infinity symbol. I saw a heart and pyramid over the symbol and with a bit of working together with Claire this image appeared. What do you think of this, to me it represents Infinite Love Now and Always. And to me, as it represents infinite love, it was drawn on the card I place over my Mum heart before her funeral.

And this combination of the Infinity symbol and the Pyramid of Eternal Knowledge surrounded by the Heart of Love is so personal to me, that I am considering having it as a tattoo.

And over this weekend during a meditation, it came forward again, and last night I saw the infinity symbol twice in two different TV programmes. And then again today it had popped up in another programme on the internet, so I thought it is time now to do more with the original and my version of the symbol.

The Infinity symbol has been around for a very long time and has been attributed to John Wallis in 1655 and said to refer to Things without Limit. Often in mathematical or physics to state that somethings have no limits, such as a set of numbers could be expressed by the infinity ∞ sign or symbol. Also called Lemniscate meaning 1000 as a symbol which looks like 2 C’s facing each other and I  (CIƆ) in the middle.

Love is said and known to make the world go round and we know if more people loved themselves first and then give and send this energy out it can make massive changes to the whole world.

Which one do you like, draw it into your own hands, Infinity first, then the Pyramid and the Heart and place over your heart, how do you feel?