“Running water never grows stale…”

Just as You Are


Those who are spiritually awakened accept and love others just as they are. Is unconditionality a the mark of enlightenment, or can it be a way of judging how others interpret love in its many forms?

Our way of accepting one another is often coloured by conditions and conditioning of many different kinds. Some thoughts are current, and some exist in our memory as a learned behaviour.

Even when we have grown and made changes to our mindset, it still takes a lot of skill to be free completely. There is a depth of feelings that can emerge when we thought we had cleared and dissipated them, and therefore it is the feeling of an inner Awakening that loves us just as we are.

This Love is a gift, and it is not dependent upon being male or female, rich or poor, young or old, or even good or bad, animal or human. It cannot be bound by any religion or faith, or an act of parliament, government intervention or law.

We all have access to it, to be open to it in is many facets, a four letter word that is said to make the world go round, and it does really, think about it — from every kind of living thing, feeling, emotion and action has a form of Love embedded in it.

Moreover, each of us understands and feels it differently, listening to the birds and seeing the buds on the trees, is a glow of love, hearing a baby gurgle, laugh or cry has a different vibration of love from one person to another.

Trust and feel gratitude that you are the holders of Love, the gift you can give yourself Just as You Are, it’s your choice. Love can be a small spark to a rush of enormous power to a gentle trickle and everything in between.

Do not judge if you are worth it, be who you are and accept that it is the sum of many parts and you deserve as many as you want at that moment in time, and now believe

I love you Just As You Are