“Running water never grows stale…”

Awaken From Old and Hidden Feeling and Pain


You will be dealing with old patterns, old and hidden pains and hurts which for too long have kept emotional and spiritual energies entrapped within you. Be aware that your sensitivity to outer happenings will be significantly enhanced.  Your physical, psychological and spiritual feelings and reactions will be amplified greatly.  Allow this to happen, recognise it, understand it, feel it, pass through it and let it go.

Trust when hurt and sadness come, as at times they do.  You are all now deeply working with your unconsciousness and that ultimately means freedom for the whole of humanity.

Now is the time to be open and honest about what we feel inside the inner world of feelings that we do not feel safe sharing with the world. What we feel, the emotional agony and frustration, how to feel powerless to change into what we want – and how we feel powerless to be who we are.

It is going deep into the fears, so thick that any armouring on the chakras is cracked and dissolved, that personal and global transformation is, and will take place.

The hardest thing is at times getting our real will to live back.  To regain the true will to live, we have to go back and keep on going back to all our fears, all the parts of us which have gone to sleep until we are awake again into the full light of real life on Earth. Where we reach a place where the ALL light permeates, and we join with all the Lighted Ones.

To form one humanity, we can open ourselves to others;  to start to have the one humanity that we are looking to find, from within each other.    We are rebirthing ourselves and the Earth.