“Running water never grows stale…”

Life Is Like A Roundabout

Gold Pot

Life is like a roundabout turning very slowly, you can get off and on when times in your life require you to do so.  To pick up and start again or return to things we have left unfinished.  Even just to continue the circle of life, the roundabout is always turning slowly.  When one door shuts, another opens to show maybe a new route or a smoother way.  We can all take a bit more time to maybe jump on or off the roundabout at different times in our lives or even staying on longer to help us to achieve making the moments happen.  And as you try you will achieve a bit at a time and in time those bits will build to a whole.

Life is like a large pot.  We all put in a bit of ourselves each day.  We put in more some days and even sometimes a lot less.  Though we can also take out as much as we need on our life’s journey.  As we go through life, all kinds of knowledge and understanding are learned along the way.  So, our guides, helpers, family and friends who are around us are all there and in their own way, make sure we get what we need from the pot of life.

And adding to it, all the influences that are around us from the TV, newspapers and Social Media the pot of Life can be quite full and maybe at times bubbling away, even family and friends past and present are part of the ingredients of the pot we call life. We need to be able to keep adding more knowledge and thoughts, feeling and more energy for it to simmer nicely and feed us when we need to dip into the pot of life.