“Running water never grows stale…”

Mentioned on My Facebook Site

Dear Friends

As I have mentioned on my Facebook site that this year’s vibrations are so different and I am sure it will be a special year for some, and unusual year for others. In fact, it is a vibrational energy that is affecting mind, body and soul, in health and abundance exactly when it is right in mind and thoughts for each individual.

I have heard back from a few people after I put this up and they have spoken of not so good vibrations, it will get better, I am sure it will.As some of you know I have written a 16-page newsletter for over 15 years with just a year gap then restarted over a year ago again. I do enjoy the remark and reaction to the inspirational words and articles. I started a blog page on my website and on Facebook and enjoy that also because it gets out to another audience of people.

I realise talking to some of my students that they do not use Facebook and receiving 16 pages via email is maybe too much and (as I found) printing it out is costly. So this week when I received two newsletters from organisations that I belong to and always read, I thought (deeply haha) that may be a three page newsletter with inspirational words and information and links to additional parts and articles if you want to read more would be a maybe better way to get my words out there.

So at the moment I am designing this format and would like to send the first sample out to 100 people to get feedback, and if it would be something that would be of interest to you to receive and even contribute your own words to.

So if you are interested please confirm by sending me back an email, I shall put this on facebook as well and look forward to sending you a newly revised newsletter.

Love Light and Hugs