“Running water never grows stale…”

The Light in The Door Way

In a meditation, I saw a light in the doorway it was quite a way in front of me with lots of objects and people in front of it though I didn’t feel they were blocking my way.

The Light in the doorway was very bright and shimmering, and as the rays beamed out from the centre, they flowed into and with soft colours. It was beautiful to look at, and I knew I would get there one day, though I would have to clear out old rubbish, things and people from my future pathway before I got there.

I have gone back into the meditation sometimes to see how far I have got or what I need to do. Moreover, the journey was often very painful, emotional and frustrating as the things and people I had seen in front of this bright glowing door were family and situations that I did not realise would test me so much.

When you have a determination or set a goal, there will always be issues we are not happy with, and it can and has in the past made others step back and not go forward out of fear or the unknown in its many formats. Wanting something can bring forward into the journey mishaps and hiccups and a feeling of being out of their comfort zone.

Recently I have made many changes in my life, especially the past and how I allowed it to control me and create niggles that I now know I no longer need. Stepping forward because it is the right thing to do for me, has opened a few windows beside the doorway and the light is getting clearer and brighter.

During a meditation the other night I was a step away from going through the door, I could feel the light going through and around me. I am ready to take that step into the known and unknown future, I feel good about how and what changes I made to get there and where I am going now one step at a time into and beyond the light.