“Running water never grows stale…”

Limitless Power – New Definition


How would it be if I could choose the way my life can be now. With limitless power and a new definition of where I was and where I am.

When sorting through some old CDs I was testing one out as it was recorded on Windows 7 about 17 years ago, and it works perfectly. And listening brought up lots of thoughts and emotions, and I then realised that that is not the way I would like to be, overwhelmed and doubting my work or abilities to get things done.

I have realised I had been judging myself maybe through someone else’s eyes and their standards and often doubting my abilities. I was pushing myself to do a thousand and one things at once, and actually believing that it’s what I should be doing, even telling myself that I could do it even when I got so overwhelmed because doing more was expected of me., in my case to prove as a woman I could do more in any field of work.

So I stepped back and reassessed what I was doing and made an even bigger decision, that it stops and I have no illusion it is not going to stop like that and I will need some assistance. Because we all of us, male and female of all ages have memories tied up and tucked away, and at times that cord frays and those memories and thoughts come up and niggle us again till we tie the string even better until the next time.

With help and love from others and myself, I am going to open myself to limitless power and thoughts. And gain a new enhanced feeling of how I can expand my life, to experience my own potential. I am relaxed and looking into my heart to define what is now the step forward owning my own power. Confident in what I believe I can do and choose how I would like my life to be now.

When I thought of an image for this post I decided to use the one I already had simple and effective of my heart on it healing journey and my arms open to the new limitless power.