“Running water never grows stale…”

Spirit is Like The Sun

New picture and words

I saw a saying that encompassed all that I was feeling over the last few days,

May your spirit be like the sun.
Sometimes it needs to go through
the darkness in order to rise up
And shine.

Over the last month or so I have thought about expanding in all different areas, letting my inner Spirit follow the sun.
Using Zoom to teach spiritual awareness and circles, Meditation, also Reiki Shares, and a Facebook Group which I called Together in Spirituality to explain how Spirit use their energy and help those with questions on Spiritual Experiences.

In fact, I went with the flow so excited that the knowledge I had accumulated over a very long time could be used in a modern media format and the wonders of Zoom.
Did the research on what others were doing, the time factor, and the cost, there are lots of people doing this in many countries especially America, and quite a few in the UK, so I know it can work.

Then the dark moments kicked in, did I have the time, with the writing I love to do. There would need to be a schedule and planning in advance and then I could not see the spontaneity that comes with taking the dog for a walk or how it would fit in with my Therapy clients.

It has caused me a lot of deep thoughts and self-sabotage, and decided that I will keep as I am, seeing clients, writing blogs and thoughts, sharing the blogs with a few other groups. And of course, writing the quarterly Newsletter/Magazine and even expanding that more.

There are massive opportunities for this kind of format, I am sure, and wish everyone doing it great energy. Now I have made my choice I do feel better and even more enthused it what is now my time with Spirit in The Sun