“Running water never grows stale…”

The Many Paths Our Life Takes Us On


I have been on the many paths that my life has shown me and some I have taken, and others ignored for a while and often came back to them later.

It can be quite scary to have a thought, and then other coincidences start to appear from that idea, I call it a paper trail, the imagery or words were meant to inspire the start of your actions in mind and body to be ready as the pathway was ready and waiting.

Following the pathway can also open up into many other branches off the same trail, and we can try these pathways out and see what they have to offer, and it may be another idea that you can follow when the right time comes along.

Each pathway gives you a choice to follow or turn back and come another day; there is nothing to say that you have only one route and an ending. If you saw the pathways and byways in the thoughts area of my mind, it’s like Spaghetti Junction near Birmingham went into hyperdrive or outer space – cosmic.

It is like a maze or labyrinth many turns and twists will get you there eventually, though a few dead ends or block helps you to think again and try another way. Even if you leave that path for a long time, it is still there when you need it, or you can delete it permanently. There is no reason to hold onto anything in mind or body that is not for the highest vibration that you and your inner core want to achieve.

It is not so easy to drop a route, as I found myself, so I put a boulder on it for the time being or even re-route it into oblivion.