“Running water never grows stale…”

My Invitation To You

Trees and pathways

My invitation for you is to reflect deeply on your life today. Think about who you are, what you have done, and what you want to manifest in your future.

Is there an area of your life you want to change, need to change, and absolutely must change? Wherever you put most of your attention is where your life will expand and grow.

Reflecting upon your life and who you are is not about judging or labelling yourself. It’s more about taking a massive inventory of what makes you happy and what no longer satisfies you.

Inner reflection includes a deeper spiritual consideration, allowing you to take a big step back from it all so you may see clearly what you want, and don’t want to manifest anymore.

Looking at your life from a bird’s eye view helps you get to know yourself more clearly, have more respect for yourself, and have more compassion. This makes your life path easier to walk along each day.

Each day, and in every way, we can choose to respect, love and honour ourselves as we walk the pathway of that day. Though we can also sit and rest a while, look around and maybe revise the route, it is our journey; ask your higher self to join you as you step out each day.