“Running water never grows stale…”

A Period of Great Adjustment


Now we need to be aware that there is a great adjustment period for all those living on planet earth. Many of you, especially Spiritual and Lightworkers, will have felt the changes in greater intensity.

I urge you to be careful and considerate of your physical self, as a concentration of energy may cause a significant physical and mental imbalance.

Many may feel that there have been times when you become forgetful, unorganised, and even a little confused. Because as the energies flow around us, there is an amount of rearrangement in our regular thinking patterns.

To evolve.

We use so much of our thought vibration in our everyday actions, and there are moments when we could use our minds and energies to help ourselves evolve along a more open path. When you feel the slightest unbalance in accepting, it may be a period to spend in quietness.

Sit down quietly or recline and allow the energies to increase and flow gently into you to raise your vibrations. The higher powers will be there to help you assimilate these energies comfortably and deeply. During this time, it is advisable to eat your everyday foods so as not to overload your systems.

Allow plenty of time to rest, and if you feel physically weary, you can say stop and return to the readjustments later. You will receive the energy gently during your waking hours and when you are in your sleep state.

To care for yourself.

I urge you to take care of yourselves; you may have heard these words before and thought it does not apply to me, as I have been doing this kind of energy work for a long time. And feel you can manage the vibrations as they flow forward.

Though I ask you to listen, this is the time that many of you shall be involved in many varied activities as your spirit energy adjusts and goes forth. Set up a specific time for quietness and meditation so that your spirit may be freed to go forth to learn its many lessons.

Many of these experiences will be retained by you on your conscious level, and this is to help you in your growth and development. There are lessons that you might bring back and share with others. This will be a unique and powerful experience for you.

To care for the mind and body.

During this significant adjustment period, I urge you to eat a light amount of fresh fruit and vegetables and drink an ample supply of water, for this will help you in cleansing your physical being. Water is not harmful.

It is the flow of our oceans and sea, rivers, and streams and an essential part of growth on our earth; as adults, we are 60% water, and to be healthy, we need to replenish and recharge the water that flows through us.

You will bring knowledge and wisdom from the spiritual energies that can be shared with other Lightworkers and Spiritual people on this planet. Some of you shall be opening for the first time. And this will be a new and beautiful experience for you.

Stay clothed in the Light and be the ones to accept the Truth.