“Running water never grows stale…”

My Love Will Guide You


Whatever you go, whatever you do, help people feel at ease, and spread a sense of well-being. This is one of the finest gifts that you can give, for those who receive the gift begin to open their hearts, and it becomes possible for them to hear my voice.

Awakened ones do not segregate their spiritual selves from their everyday affairs. When they perceive a situation where the Holy Spirit’s input will lighten loads of all concerned, they do not hold back, fearing criticism, judgement, or human attention.

You need only to turn your heart in my direction, be still and listen. In Love, you shall receive my intelligence. At any moment when your attention is fully present and all tension is released, my intelligence will inspire you, and my love will guide you.

Many communities are already structured on the premises of love and friendship. Such communities will flourish through the transition, for I will see to their needs. There are centres of stability that will provide continuity for the human family as the transition unfolds.

Written by Ken Carey over 30 years ago, it is still as profound now as it was then.