“Running water never grows stale…”

What Are Your Main Intentions In Life?

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Why are you here?

What do you wish to see for yourself, others, and this entire world?

Take some time to think about this.

Is there anything more important for you to think about?

The mind often gets snagged by the thoughts

it had yesterday and the day before,

so let’s plant and water some new seeds here!

What does the greatest garden you wish to grow?

Look, and feel like?


If you are very curious about it, never give up on your curiosity!

Ask yourself the question,

“What experience do I want to open for myself, others, and this entire world?”

The opportunity to choose which of the seeds of life, do I want to sow and what will I reap soon.

Imagination and reality are all the same in the Universe.  Using every thought or wish that we can then imagine, it starts something to happen to us; the Universe immediately “feels” it and responds accordingly to the right moment and for our highest good.

If your mind is focused on your worries, concerns, and fears of the world, then guess what you’ll manifest?  More of the same stuff!  So, we need to be very aware of what our thought patterns are focusing on.  When your vibration is very high, and your thoughts flow, you can bring them into the physical world.

It’s good to know your mind and how it works.  When you can help it to remain focused on the life that makes your heart sing, your whole being is filling your life with pure joy, happiness and love!

To start boosting your inner vibrations, try this little exercise.

First, sit in a chair, take three long deep breaths and relax.  Imagine golden light energy entering from the base of your spine and flowing up out the top of your head with each breath you take.  Do not try to control this experience; just relax into it and flow with it.  After your three breaths, watch your body breathe for you for 5 minutes.  Let your breath guide you deeper inside until you find a calm, peaceful feeling in your body.


Massive positive changes for the planet are happening. Can you feel the shift? Everywhere you go, there are signs that something wonderful is happening to this planet. The human beings of earth are finally waking up. Now in all countries, the higher consciousness of people is taking over, and each day we are seeing it manifest in the form of global healing.

And you are part of it!

Our planet is already home to millions of highly conscious, heart-centred, and open-minded people. The number of enlightened beings will multiply exponentially with the help of the viral social media we have now. Creating global enlightenment will only take a few months as the foundation for inner peace is found by billions.

This planet is destined to evolve on every level. Technologically, socially, financially, emotionally, and spiritually to do it, so nobody on Earth is going to miss this massive ride into a global spiritual awakening. When you find this silence and stillness within yourself, you will awaken others automatically to their highest possible life experience.

When you find this enlightening and spiritual stillness within, you’ll be able to look and interact with all that life offers you with a peaceful heart and joyful mind. You will truly understand the vast unlimited potentiality you have inside yourself to show the world!

Step into your greatest stillness and open your

Mind and Heart to the Universal Flow of Energy