“Running water never grows stale…”

Open The Windows and Doors and Bring in The Light

So much has happened recently that I feel I have opened the windows and doors and brought in the light into my mind and heart. And I shall keep it alive with a everlasting candle or batteries. It is my light and I shall share it

And when the cover of the new magazine was starting to be designed, I was sent a picture and at first, I kept looking at it and was not sure, then words and thoughts changed and I looked at it as a new start.  I had to keep coming back to it, and it, in some ways, symbolised my growth, plateaus, and other stops along the way. When it came together, it felt right, and I was on a buzz, from spirit as well as others.

I have the knowledge, and it needed a new outlet after being strangled at times; the tree represents that to me and old energy falling and new energy starting to grow. There will be a new picture on the front covers for each issue to represent continuous growth. The new magazine represents growth and understanding in all areas of Spirituality.

Is All Well In Your World

We are told that whatever happens

It is just right in some mysterious way.
Remember that nothing is haphazard;
all is divinely ordered and has been set in motion.
Everything in your world fits together like a giant puzzle.
Simply, let go and trust that all of the pieces
of the puzzle will go perfectly together.

Let the Universe be in charge
of assembling the puzzle called

Your Life.

The New Magazine will be out soon, what do you think of the cover??