“Running water never grows stale…”

Open Your Heart With Joy

How will you know that you have discovered what you truly want?

First, your heart will open with joy when you see yourself experiencing your desired outcome. Your body will feel this excitement, the tingle sensation, the relief and inner peace.

Sitting and taking a deep, honest look at who you are and what you want to experience in your life can be daunting, or something magical begins to occur.

It is as if you have opened your eyes and heart for the first time and can see infinite ways to achieve your goals. The more you unravel this inner mystery, the easier it will be to understand and experience your spiritual journey.

Trust your intuition, and all self-doubt and fear will disappear as you dive deep into your inner core and discover the amazing infinite being who you truly are. This journey is to re-awaken that divine consciousness already within you so that you are effortlessly and joyfully living your greatest visions and dreams.

You can connect spiritually with the source and have fun in the materials world, co-creating and receiving the heart’s desire. Remember to celebrate each step along the journey instead of waiting until you arrive at the destination.

Manifesting and opening your heart to the joy as it unfolds bit by bit is like seeing yourself as a great artist, maybe carving something from a large knotted tree trunk. Sometimes, you may hit a knot, freeze up, and feel stuck. Other times, thick layers will fall away, leaving you free, proud and accomplished.

Manifesting your every desire is like the frosting on a beautiful cake. It is not necessary to enjoy the cake, but it makes the experience of tasting it a great deal sweeter and more pleasurable.

Take a step out of your “ inner box.”

Take a step out of your comfort zone and send loving, respectful, appreciative thoughts to yourself; let yourself relax until you find inner peace with yourself.

Take a step out of your “ outer box.”

Do something completely new, different, radical or transformational for yourself or someone else. It will help you step out of your comfort zone and find more freedom, love and enlightened thoughts.

Touch a new person’s heart or soul.

When you take a step out of your box, make an extra effort to say something positive, loving, inspirational or uplifting to that person. When you touch someone’s heart, you are willing to have your heart touched. Each time you touch another being, you raise your vibration to another degree