“Running water never grows stale…”

When Life Gets Stressful


Why does life become so stressful when you try to live within the energy of mindfulness?  You feel that sometimes the circumstances just get the better of you, and something little or big can tip you into the mood. Can you think of incidents that have created that feeling within you that are just not in sync or not feeling right?

We all have them, and part of achieving true happiness is to learn to deal with those moments to ensure no lingering effects. At the same time, learning is a powerful technique to stop you from sliding down a negative spiral.

It can be to take the time to check in with yourself throughout your day. The idea is to have quite a few different mindful moments as you go about living life. Think of it as a time to stop and smell the roses. Take stock of how you’re doing. How are you feeling? How is your energy? How is your overall mood? Assess and adjust as needed to move forward with a heart full of happiness and peacefulness.

Happiness is a choice and one you need to make moment by moment. That’s why this exercise is so powerful.

The idea is to check in with yourself. Take a moment. Take a minute.

Ask yourself how you’re feeling. How is your environment affecting you?

Are you feeling how you want to feel? If not, adjust your mindset.

Find something that sparks joy in you or around you.

Come up with three things or people you’re grateful for.

Sit down with a cup of coffee and let the sunshine on your face.

It doesn’t have to be anything complicated or difficult.

A simple conscious slow breath can be what you need.


The next question is, how do you activate these new mindful moments? There are two strategies that will help you make it happen.

The first is to realise these mindful moments.

Think about your typical day and write down as many things as you can think of that you do daily. For example, brushing your teeth in the morning or combing your hair. Use that as a mindful moment. After you have finished these actions, look yourself in the eye in the mirror and check in with yourself.

Setting a reminder, an alarm or an alert on your smartphone works well. Pick a pretty ringtone, like a bell chiming, and give it a try. Set alarms a few times throughout the day to see if it helps you become more mindful of your feelings.