“Running water never grows stale…”

Pieces of a Jigsaw Puzzle


I have started to write articles for the new web page KelFox House Publishing and thought you would like to see an inspirational piece. When I saw a picture of a piece of Jigsaw with keyhole and key sticking out, my mind started to flow with ideas of how to describe it. After a few days, the thoughts were niggling me, and this is what I wrote.

At the time of your conception the first two genetic pieces of the puzzle come together and if they are comfortable and it’s the right vibration at that nanosecond in time other pieces start to join in.

The process begins as new links are flowing in from the family genetic on both sides of the generations that have been before. And it is these links that we can see visually when the child is born and growing up, looking like other members of the family.

We do know that sometimes the pieces of the genetic jigsaw do not always fit or are damaged and even upside down and the puzzle is then not complete and grows differently than the format we expect.

When the pieces flow and grow together, there is an inbuilt pattern and form. So many different shapes from Mum and Dad and a few pieces from the box of other family members.

New and various forms are flowing into this jigsaw of life. And as we grow new parts join in, some fit comfortably and are gently accepted into prepared spaces; others need a while to adjust to the gaps available.

The parents  DNA influence and shape the pieces of the jigsaw, sometimes without actual thought or knowledge that is what they are doing. Other sections can be completed with family traits and traditions, colour, facial features and inherited medical issues some good, as well as maybe not so good. Genetic disabilities and addictions, family characteristics are all part of this phase in the whole process.

During the growing years, other pieces join the others, and some part even needs adjusting over time to fit into their natural space. The key is to allow the puzzle pieces that help us to be who we are, to grow strong and secure fitting into the place within us that is right at each moment in time. They can change as we grow and maybe make a choice to move to turn the puzzle of our life into a new direction.

Growing every day from birth onwards the format that guides the sections to become overwhelmed with many sensations, Love, Hate, emotions and feeling in differing amounts. These are parts of the puzzle that we all go through as we grow into ourselves and our lives take many twists and turn over the years.

There are times when we realise there are pieces of the whole that are missing, medical issues, family circumstances and many other reasons create these gaps. Sometimes the missing gaps never get filled and can cause variable vibrations through the mental and emotional aspect.

Each person’s personal inner vibration can be influenced by the missing part of the jigsaw and may never allow that place to be available. Other times it is filled over and over the right way, though it can become overbalanced with a wanting energy that is never quite a perfect fit. It can be a personal belief when people say “ I feel there is a piece missing in my life.“

During our life, we can change the parts, enhance and make them stronger. Turn pieces over and ignore what they represent of the past or circumstances. It’s a choice, and each of us should have that choice.

To redesign, bring colour and new shapes, a compatible vibration into the puzzle we call our life. Or we can lock the pieces so tightly together that there can be no change or leeway. Forced to follow a format without modification inside and out, mentally and physically.

Do you want to throw up the jigsaw pieces and see where they land and make a new more colourful combination? You can add new experiences and shapes, fit them as you wish and when you want to in your time.

That’s what makes each of our lives a puzzle and individual, no corners or edges a never ending flow of choices, vibrational thoughts and actions that make us who and what we are.

What do you think of it? The Jigsaw can also represent the cells in what we call our physical body and all the elements that make up the bones, organs and skin and how they connect and grow continuously to be us. Sometimes these are disturbed by accidents or incident, surgery and medication. The Jigsaw is constantly changing with choices made by us or other influences.

Do you listen to your body and the thoughts that flow through, as they can affect your body in so many ways? Can you distinguish between your energy and a force that is coming from another person?  We all know about those that are bullies (didn’t want to give it power with a capital B so underline it)  they send a force to someone that influences that person and can disturb them at that time and even when they are older. Trauma and fear are pieces of the puzzle held in others hands and just hovering over the safe place they should be.